Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"Et tu Brutus?" Rebuttle...

So obviously "Trevor" is an imposter ..someone who is posing as someone other than themselves. I'm not surprised.
There was a pointed reply to my post and i decided to post my rebuttle in the wide-open forum.

Please feel free to comment, good,bad, or ugly...

"Isn't it you who gets high in front of you're own children hence the reason why you're wife is divorcing you and asking for supervised visitation.
Isn't it you who lives with your mother.
Isn't it you who doesn't support your children because you were fired from your job.
Isn't it you who leads a secret life with you're pretend band cronnies.
Isn't it you who gets out of bed in the afternoon hours with no purpose whatsoever.
The point I'm trying to make is maybe we need to take a look at our own lives before exposing someone else. All I get from you're post is misery loves company, and maybe you should put your energy on fighting for your own children and getting your own life together

You can't even tell the truth when you are trying to slam someone. I get high, yes. NEVER ONCE in front of my children. So point 1, fuck you, you psychotic idiot.

My wife isnt divorcing me for getting high in front of the children because that has never happened. You have no clue as to why because you have no clue who lynn is, let alone what she thinks. Sure you "know" her, but I also know hundreds of people , but not their life's M.O...So, point 2, fuck you, you psychotic idiot.

My wife isnt asking for supervised visitation. You must be having a freudian-slip kind of moment. Supervised visits are for dangerous people, violent people and criminals. I am NONE of those...and you??? Point 3, fuck you, you psychotic idiot.

Yes, i live w my mother. She supports me until i get back on my feet. Like a decent Mother. One who loves her children and teaches them right from wrong. And you.....? Point 4, fuck you, you psychotic mother..

Yes, i got fired. I support my children, in many ways, including financially, since you were alluding to that. So you just continue to lie...Point 5....starting to see a pattern, you psychotic idiot?

A secret life? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!! with "pretend band cronnies"? what the ...? Where do I begin on this one? I'll tell you what..for brevity sake we'll just leave the "secret life" one stand out there in the ether..let everyone digest that for a moment..considering it came out of your psychotic mind.....As for the pretend band..i have no clue on earth what you are talking of..must be the psychosis..Point 6...Anyone getting the diagnosis yet..??!

Yes, i get out of bed in the afternoon. I have purpose, but i dont expect someone like you to understnad it, so i wont bother. Suffice it to say that i do stay out late, drinking and playting cards, pool, etc with my friends. I do it to have some mental relief of dealing with a divorce after a 25 yr relationship and 2 young children. Yes, i'm guilty of that. I'm a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad person..Point 7. It's all yours.

Misery does love company, but not psychosis...which is your obvious problem. The reason for my post was simple. I felt I had a responsibility to other bloggers who got fucked by you, as well as others who may eventually be in a position to get fucked by you. I felt that since i stuck up for you and the notion of honesty and openess, and i even fired some shots at others here in your defense,that it was the responsibile thing to do, as well as the "right" thing to do, considering I try and uphold a level of integrity, and finish the saga even if the saga ended in a fashion that would show me to be wrong about my original defense of you. But again, i dont expect you to understand or to be able to relate to any of that because it has become painfully obvious you share none of those traits, nor do you attempt to embrace's called "strength of character", something you obviously know nothing about.

I seek no retribution, just responsible accounting of the tragedy. I stood up, so to speak, in these forums, for someone who turned out to be less than worthy of that support. It is my duty to face the music as to my judgement in error and I do so with Honor and a clear conscience.

I wonder if the other person involved in this tragedy can say and believe the same thing?

Please get help. That is my last act as a 'friend' to you. Free advice, your choice.

Monday, July 7, 2008

"Sorry hun...It ain't looking so good..."

After 6 months of surreality, the fog has finally and completely lifted. All truth is revealed, as it always eventually is, and the facades have all crumbled away.

The entire World Series of Poker scam, perpertrated by Donkette, is a fraud. It never happened, nor was it ever going to happen. Strike 1

All the money any of you have "lent" to her is gone, dissappeared, va-moose, never existed. It isnt coming back to you. It is not my place to advise you on what you ought to consider to remedy that scenario. Caveat Emptor. Carpe Diem. Strike 2

According to public records, She is on probation. You'll never guess what for, nor the extent of it.. You'll have to seek that public information if you are so inclined, and/or speak with her probation officer regarding that information. Foul Ball....

The following paragraph is also my opinion.

The real tragedy in all of this has nothing to do with any of us ADULTS... WE ADULTS get to make our own choices, and as such, deserve whatever we get as a result, good or bad..
We, ADULTS, are choosing to engage in ADULT activity that has legal restrictions, etc. such as AGE, for good reason, and it is up to us ADULTS to decide how we proceed, if at all, in the activity, within the LAW.
In contrast, IF I were a MINOR, by LAW I would not be allowed to engage in such activity. If my parents had exposed me to and taught me such an activity, and then allowed me to play, as well as provided me plenty of opportunity to play, both online and in-person at private functions, not only would it be illegal, it would be morally reprehensible...if I were a MINOR.....

You are out.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

And Behind Door #3....

Since we last left our favorite show, Let's Make A Deal, some very interesting and very positive developments have taken place...

As hard as I hit at Donkette for the mess that was created i must now give her what she has earned in response, and happily and proudly so.

I spent a good hour of heart-to-heart on the phone with D and she decided to look within herself and to listen to her true friends and to step up to the plate of Honesty. I am not going to air all the intimate details simply because, for the most part, they are irrelevant to most of you. What counts and what does have to be stated is that Donkette has told me she wants to come clean, she wants to(and has) apologized to those she has hurt and, most importantly, she wants to better herself by conquering some of the issues she personally struggles with, as we all bear our own as well.
So for that, Donkette must be given the respect of one who faces the hard choices, knowing there is a nasty price that comes with it, but wanting to come out of the dark tunnel of deceipt and into the warm light of honesty amongst family and friends. It aint easy and there will be stumbles along the way, but victory shall be hers..

It is neccessary to say that thru most of this, regardless of the actions that took place, or didn't for that matter, Donkette always had her heart in the right place. Lots of us find ourselves there, in a place where we are trying to right a wrong or trying to help others and even though our hearts are in the right place, we fuck it up and dig a deeper hole nonetheless. NONE of us are perfect, except maybe Bone Daddy of course...

The point is, as humans, we have conflicting hardware and software within ourselves that sometimes makes it difficult to see the best course to embark upon when we have lofty goals or lofty dreams, whatever they are for each individual. Sometimes the heart and the head get into a struggle and the result turns out to be a grand clusterfuck of a mess that we simply cant figure out, so we end up digging deeper towards China until we are so lost we need rescuiing.. or until in some cases, we dissappear altogether. It doesnt make it right or even acceptable to those in the path of those hurricanes, but it is human. Human as in fragile, human as in tough, human as in vulnerable, human as in inspiring...but always human and never quite Divine, as much as we may strive to be as such..
And of course, to forgive is Human..or should be..

For most of you, who are aware of all this, only action is something you will consider in your deliberation and that is fair enough. The actions that have already transpired have brought the verdict we have read about over the past few weeks and it is logical and valid.

Donkette has told me she is going to take another action that will make some things right and put to bed a whole portion of the mess that got this whole thing started. And as such, when she does this action, I would hope and expect that the verdicts and pronouncements that so easily flowed from some in the dark light of deserved negativity, including yours truly, will be reversed with the same passion, openness and 'eloquence' in our public forums as they were when the wagons were circled and the guns were drawn, not so long ago..

For the record, the actions of which I speak are straightforward. There are 3 checks, each worth one buy-in to the WSOP main event, and on each of those are the names of the 3 original beneficiaries of this long and winding story. Those checks are in-hand of Donkette, verified by other unnamed,trusted people whose identities are irrelevant at this time. Those checks will be distributed very shortly to those 3 individuals and they will then use them to register in the Main Event in Vegas. When this action takes place, this whole saga will be over. Complete.C'est Finis, etc.
At that time, Donkette will have made those people whole and her credibility will and should be regained to a point that will be up to any of you to decide for yourselve. Knowing her and the whole story intimately, there are some other prices she will bear that will go a long way towards helping her grow as a person and will help the rest of us heal from what turned out to be a mess, but in the end, will become a fond story for debate and laughter many years into the future.

As in most cases of humanity, there will be much to be learned from all of this, and not just for Donkette. Im sure if we all examine ourselves we will be able to find some positives and negatives with which these events will serve to help us improve as individuals and as friends and as Human beings. Or as Sammy Hagar so eloquently put it(yes, even the master of crap lyrics can strike gold sometimes if you try long and hard enough..;-)) in the epic song by Van Halen, "..that's what makes us Humans Being..". (Its a great tune, check it out!)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

An open apology to Bloggers...

Its a sad day, a sad day indeed. Losing a friendship is never a scenario that one can be happy with, but strangely enough, one can be relieved.
Such is the case today for yours truly.

You see, unfortunately, i've had to make a decision that I struggled with for a time, debated unto the nether regions of reality, weighed as an homage to decency and colored the hues of a persuading sunset, all to no avail and all to the same conclusion: Lying and general deception are not good characteristics, nor a very strong foundation, for friendship, plain and simple.

It is with regret that I come to the blogger world today to offer an apology and a warning sign regarding things and people who really arent who or whom they seem to be.
And unfortunately, you all know her.
I am speaking of Donkette.

Don't get the wrong idea, I mean her no ill will and only good health and fortune throughout her life, but i simply can no longer call our relationship a friendship.

No, this has nothing to do with whether or not my entry was paid for into this years WSOP, ( I won a tournament that she hosted to give away 2 seats)it has everything to do with how you treat your 'friends' and the lack of respect you show by your actions and nonactions. It's normal for friends to support and trust one another, that is the bedrock of relationship. It is normal to be forgiving and lenient and to make excuses when hard times and weird circumstance rears its' repsective heads..But there is a limit and i've reached mine. I've let go of the dock lines and let that ship drift out to sea...

I am not a vindictive person, nor a malicious type, but I feel it is partially my responsibility to offer this apology to the bloggers as Donkette was a close friend of mine and ive recently learned of the depth of her mistakes towards this new group of friends of this particular literary world and cannot idly stand by any longer. In my mind, Donkette is NOT who she makes herself out to be and as far as I can tell, she does NOT have any credibility with what she says. I am sorry if any of you got involved in any of the web's or scenario's she has spun, but i hope this apology and warning can minimize any damage already done and act as a beacon, or rather a bright,f lashing yellow caution light floating in the ether telling all comers to beware..take heed, proceed with skepticism and at your own personal, spiritual peril. At this time, it is my humble opinion that she cannot be trusted. For if she can treat my friends and myself, those of us who personally know her and interact with her locally, the way she has done so in the last 5 or so months, then i have no alternative than to take the hit for the team and erect the sign that shines the light of truth into an otherwise shady world of deceipt.

I had hoped to actually help Donkette in that i feel she has an actuall illness or problem which causes her to behave as she has, but as of now, im not so sure she can claim ignorance any more. In fact, when I tried to have a conversation with her, leading into a delicate discussion of events, it ended rather abruptly as the receiver went dead in my ear..and on subsequent communication there was absolutely ZERO effort on her part to own any of the responsibility for any issues regarding the whole mess that was the WSOP buy-in promises. In my heart, where my filing cabinet of friendships reside, there is a card that says "confront her, help her, support her and whatever else you can think before she really ends up hurting herself.

Unfortunately, she has hurt too many others,including myself, before I could get to that point.
And so it is that today I decided to let it go. Ive had quite the shithole, fuckthistle of a year as it is and maybe my internal patience has shortened, but it is my firm belief that friends should, at all costs, be honest and OPEN with each other. If you can't have both of those, what exactly is the point?

So for Donkette, I thank you for the times we enjoyed, the sorrows we shared and the futures we aspired to as there was true friendship from this side, freely given, but only decieved in return. I grieve the loss of our friendship, but in the end, in reality, in TRUTH..what have I actually lost? I dont think I can answer that because I dont think I know what is real or not anyway..

But I know someone who can answer that question.
I'm wondering if the courage is available to step up, come clean and offer a real apology and to salvage what once had promise yet now is empty...

For in the end, friendship always has the other's back and forgiveness is on the menu. The question is do you have the currency of humility and truth to pay the price for what is right and true.

Here's to hoping, but not waiting any longer...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Solve for "I"..

I'm working on an equation to solve the "Donkey Factor" in poker, specifically no-limit Hold-Em..

I keep running into the same wall though... I'm finding it's virtually impossible to find a value for "I", when "I" = the Intelligence of the Donkey("D")..

Surely this is a critical missing piece of information that is essential to the outcome of the grand equation. Certainly, Poker players all over the world are pulling for me, either in secret or incognito or even subconsciously..i'm sure of it.

Like Einstein, who struggled with the values of Gravity and the Constance of the speed of light while solving for Relativity, I struggle to find, or even to understand, a consistant value that can be inserted into the equation for "I" when coupled with "D" ( I(D)~%pi...) that creates a solution.

It seems relative intelligence does not neccessarily translate into "I"ntelligence at the tables for the average player.

Not Neccessarily....could it then be (I(D)~%pi/NN(I)....)??

Fortunately, however, there is the world of Blogging, particularly poker Bloggers.

So with that being said, maybe "I" won't work as a value if the value must be representative of "Intelligence"..? Maybe, just maybe, "I" has to stand alone as a non-value,or 'zero' inherent and should then be just the obvious..

C'mon, anyone? Who's got it? Should i spell it out?
What happens to the equation if instead of "Intelligence" for "I" with a numerical value, "I" represents "zero" as in, "Idiot"...

im just sayin... ;) ( it's an inside link to another comment found somewhere in the blogger world...)

Friday, January 4, 2008

"December, 2012...Refawkulous?"

And so it is a new year, a new day, a new beginning, a clean slate, right? I mean, the difference between December 31st and January 1st is really, forgiving..chasm-ic.

The year is now 2008 and we've yet to really taint it or characterize it as it's still really brand new and still a blank canvas-except for some of you type-A personalities (Riggstad) and really impatient types,..who knows what you fuckers have already accomplished!

Whenever youy speak with successful people, they always speak of delineated goals and, more specifically, a five-year plan. For some reason, five years always seems to be the magic increment for either changing your life or for long-term contracts, etc. Sometimes it can even stand for more...such as the time period until the end of the world...

December, 2012. That's the date. The World will come to an end in 5 short years. No more family, no more friends, no more hunting/fishing-no more fucking,...and no more poker.. so they say..


That's right, of December 21st, 2012, there will be no more fucking...let that roll around in your mind for bit. Savor it while you try and distinguish the wheat from the chaff and what, if anything, this might mean to you personally.

Me? I think it's insanity. Crazy-talk. Unreal. REFAWKULOUS!

But, noone asked for my opine, my input..They just walk around and proclaim that as of December, 2012, the world is going to be finishing up Her meager existence in some sort of cataclysmic combination of natural and Man-assisted, fuck-us-all-up-the-ass-with-no-lubrication-while-holding-the-stone-cold-nuts disaster and that will be that. Poof. Lights out, game over, hope -you-reconciled-your-faith type of moment.

Yes, Al will be still be the SoCo Legend, but in what plane of existence? Irrelevent I guess..."REFAWKULOUS "..

I don't know if I buy into any of this prediction nonsense. What would be the point? S0 i can really start living my life now that the finish line is in sight, that now i can start playing the Hammer and other silly hands out of position and not really care about the if there are any sort of consequence that can trump the end of the world...

Like most men, when asked what we would do when the end of the world is here or if we were on a plane that was heading to an explosive landing, or nukes were on-the-way for our decimation, etc- I'd be grabbing all the women within my vicinity for an end-of-the-world romp, regardless of their level of interest, or participation for that matter, and i'd slam away until the lights finally faded and all of life's little and mostly-missed nuances ceased their unending dance, gloriously pumping to the slowing, natural beat of the ending pulse of humanity...

...Only to find there wasn't any blinding flash of light or concussive waves of destruction or even giant fireballs burning up the sky on it's way to our endtimes party.

Instead, while i pull out and wipe down, i notice, aside from a few exhausted and serenely-smoking and satisfied women, that the only cataclysmic event I endured was being on the wrong end of a suck-out by some jokester who thought calling a pre-flop raise of 7 times the BB was the first move in a planned assault of masterful proportions on the hallowed and honored game of cards called Hold Em...


What are you gonna do? Ech, next hand..

Ech! Shut up, shuffle and deal.. blinds are going up, the world is ending soon, haven't you heard?


Thx to Hoy ( inspiration appreciated) for the word, not the suck-out... ;)

Friday, December 14, 2007

In the Shadow of the "Luck Vortex"...


"Luck- the force that seems to operate for good or ill in a person's life, as in shaping circumstances, events, or opportunities: With my luck I'll probably get pneumonia. "

"Vortex- a whirling mass of water, or air, esp. one in which a force of suction operates, as a whirlpool. "

In the final tourney of the Battle of the Bloggers series on FullTiltPoker last night(Dec.13), the usual witty banter was flowing freely in the chat windows and the laughter, as usual, was abundant.

After a few 'interesting' hands, BrainMC (hope i got that right..) offered the observation that what we were witnessing was the effects of a "Luck Vortex", and I thought that quite fascinating....and so, I offer in return, my own analysis-ness of- no, not poker, Im not sure i could capture anyones imagination with that quite yet, but rather of the "Luck Vortex" and what that could be, in relation to poker, as well as in relation to life. Hear that sssssucking sound yet..?

Lately, I've become very familiar with vortex's of the luck variety, not neccessarily only at the poker table, and I can tell you, first hand, they are not only real, but they are disorienting as well. It's almost as if the inter-dimensional forces of suction aren't limited strictly to issues of luck, but also to one's abilities to 'reason'. And most of us don't have much of that to spare to begin with..

For example, 25 years into what I thought was a wonderful marriage/relationship, my wife comes home one day and announces she doesnt know if she wants to continue.
"Yeah honey..", i said,".. it's my turn to put our young daughter to bed, i know.." She didn't bat an eye.. No, it turns out she really meant what she said.

To put it in perspective quickly, i'll give this short backstory synopsis. Please feel free to go get another double shot of scotch and slam it down: A few weeks earlier, i left a job I held for 15 yrs at a good, stable company so i could start my own business, which i had been working on for two years. A week before that, I lost my car in a flash flood and needed transportation. Then the atom bomb was dropped and before I knew it, I was living in a bedroom at my mothers house(God bless her), with no job, no income, no wife, away from my kids and a head that was spinning wildly like a star about to become a supernova... or so I Imagined.

Of course, luck has nothing to do with all of that until you try and form a perspective you can handle and you are grasping for some form of reason, within which you can survive, and somehow make it through the day. A really, really bad stretch of luck seemed to make sense.

Instead, the next three months were a drunken blur and when i came to, i found myself struggling with finding gas money when just several months earlier i had the world by the tail.

No, its not another man or anything sane like fact there's no rational way to concisely explain it other than the "Luck Vortex". At least that's something I can wrap my head around and accept. Why else would a good woman reject a stud like me? There's got to be more info to the story, right?... Yeah, enough for another twelve-thousand blogs! I'll spare both of us for now...

Well, now let's take a look at poker. Lets look at the Bloggers Aussie Challenge series that just wrapped up the qualifying round last night with a 13-person redo tourney for the 27th and final seat in the finals. The actual last tourney was Thursday night (Dec.13th) on with the Riverchasers Poker Tour tourney and it was going quite well as we headed towards the final table. In fact, I remember it quite well, as one often does when they look back on a situation that somehow inexplicably turns from a golden opportunity into a gigantic clusterfuck within nanoseconds.

We were down to, you guessed it, 13 players and I was roughly middle-stack with 24k+ and feeling very good about where i was headed. In fact, as I looked at the table, I was pleased to be in middle position with pocket 10's with the blinds and two callers behind me. I reach for the keyboard to raise big and hopefully take it down right there as the blinds were significant enough to tuck them in to my stack and move on. Only problem was ..nothing happened. I was frantically smashing the buttons on my laptop, screaming at the top of my lungs, "I said RAISE ..RAISE YOU MOTHERFUCKER..RAISE!, I'm RAISING here........FUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKK!!!!!"

And FullTilt crashed. End of game.Sorry, thanks for coming is how it initially felt and the tourney ended up blinding down to the end and i finished exactly where i was at the time, which was 8th out of however fucking many originally entered..prolly @ 100.

So we're back to last night where the 13 of us who were left were given the opportunity to replay to the end for the last seat. BEAUTIFUL. BINGO. DONE and FUCKIN DONE, LET'S GET IT ON!

Skillfully, wasn't long before i had the chip lead at our truncated table of 6- after some nice hands, including my first-ever back-to-back rockets, and some respected pre-flop raises,.. and then after a little more play, including a horrible call , by yours truly, of a short-stacked all-in with my A9 sooooooted..i was between 2nd and third on the table, but still quite healthy.

It wasn't much longer after that and we were at the final table, heading for the big finish. There were @ 7 people left, i'm mid-stack again and feeling good. I was walked in the Big probably 8 times up to this point in the tourney and for the most part, was respected on my pre-flop raises, which was fine with me because i'm all over small-pot poker at this point...

And then, out of nowhere, it happened. I really should've noticed, knowing what I know now about it, but a nasty, steaming, swirling "Luck Vortex" opened up right there where I was sitting.. I obviously didnt notice its' stealthy grand entrance, nor its gradual build-up of circular speed and sudden drop of the barometric pressure, ..or even the basketball-sized hail that began to pummel the sweet comfort zone i was in, along with a howling, swirling wind and a sucking sound so friggin eerie, the ghost of Bloggers Past would've tucked tail ( i never said what kind of tail or tale, like a Donkey's tail for example-just saying..)and hit the highway, en route to his or her favorite ghost of watering-holes past.. you get the picture, no real need for boring, gory details.

Needless to say, i finished less-than-first, in 5th place and that was the end of that. And then, just as quickly as the silent slit opened up, that silent-ass, mother-fucking, scuba-diving-dark, stealthy "Luck Vortex" was gone, and with it, my thoughts of roasting shrimps on the bar-b-ie as well..

And so, we end where we began. Just another hee-hawing schmoe, sitting on the rail, wishing luck to all the winners, on the outside-looking-in. Hey, at least I made the top 50 and get to play in that tourney or something, and I can even brag a little for having the highest average points out of those in the top 50....Woo.Hoo. I'm really stretching now..

Speaking of now, if I can only go find that fucking "Luck Vortex", maybe I can find the woman I married and reverse the obvious brain damage she suffered as a result of it's rotating fury, and while I'm at it, maybe i can find that key I lost that opened the door to.......

Friday, December 7, 2007

"All things Sane and Excellent...."

"Mookie the Tournament.. that is, the life sucking slit that hoards all things sane and laughs at excellence!"- Riggstad, 2007

First of all, anyone not playing in the "Battle of the Bloggers", the 27-game tournament series hosted on, has got to be...ok, i'll say it....has got to be 3 cards shy of a full deck.

Consisting of 3 weekly 'qualifier' tourneys, "The Hoy"(Mon's.,10pm),"The Mookie"(Wed's.,10pm), and the brand-new "Riverchasers Online Tour"(Thurs's.,9pm), this growing gem of a series, co-named "The Aussie Challenge", has the balls to offer up a grand-prize so 'grand', so brash and so dead-on-the-money, you'd be a complete and utter slit to miss it....! Suffice it to say, the winner and a guest will be livin it up down-under and completely over the top. If that doesnt make any sense then you are obviously smart enough to follow some of the links i mentioned to check out the details and to get your ass to the dance!

Now, aside from that aside, or preamble if you prefer, i want to draw your shrinking attention-span to the quote i posted at the top of this blog edition..the one by Riggstad..and ask you to pay a particular and close(for those of you who dont bother with words that have 4 or more syllables)mind to the visualizations that pop-up in your head. No, the blowjob fairy isnt dancing the Nutcracker on Christmas eve, but that's just me...
What I'm shooting for here is the visualization of a tournament that has taken on an identity larger than itself and, ahem, the larger sense, an identity at all that causes one to wax poetic or philosophical or even nonsensical, if you will, ascribing torturous and confident actions to a digital mirage of a real entity..(take a mental breath-me, not you).And even then, that isn't the LARGER point, the one i've been struggling to reveal up to this point of the story..(little help would be nice...Al, a little Soco perhaps...) Where was I?

Oh, the LARGER point. Right. The initial thought that came to mind when reading this quote wasn't so much about nonsense, but rather the often overlooked residual of these fantastic poker tournaments and the bloggers who play them on a regular basis. I considered all the 'prose' and the 'puns' and the 'syntax' of differing styles of play and how, if looked at in the proper frame of mind, it reveals a beauty, if you will, that goes beyond fold, bet or bluff. Often there is a symmetry within the game and within the games within the games' that begins to reveal itself the more you tend to watch and learn the nuances of this fine game of skill. As in any enduring contest, there is tragedy, victory, bitching, moaning and the ever-present whiff of burnt skin, the kind one might associate with an overabundance of self-promotion and/or self-immolation,depending on which side you emerge.
However, if you follow the thread even further, you find a large group of talented and expressive writers, of all things, writing various essays on every conceivable angle regarding this grand old game. When that begins to occur, what you reap is more than the individual has sown- that is, you reap a gift from the collective, something aesthetic and fulfilling, something enduring, even something...sane. And, if you are really lucky, something excellent, if only for brief moments. And if you listen long enough and hard enough, sometimes you may even begin to feel connected to this subset, and if everything goes your way, or, as in this case, it doesn't, you may even hear the haunting laughter of a new entity as it mocks you before it kills you...

Monday, December 3, 2007

Plunder, thunder and what have you...

Yeah,yeah,yeah,...if I don't start this at some point, I'll wake up at around 74 yrs of age and realize i missed an opportunity to fill the void of the world's information with more useless and, quite frankly, unneccessary drivel from another anonymous idiot who thinks they have something important to say. Then i'd burp, fart and jerk off to start my morning and move on to some scotch and porno's and forget all about it and live quite happily....

Alas, knowing my own sordid ego and the infinite units of time on my daily calendar, what the hell makes me think i'm waiting one more day to unleash that which the world so sorely needs-unique and telling commentary, about anything and everything, from someone not too far removed from true Oracle-hood-ness...or something regal and omnipotent.

I can tell you this much- I will not be pontificating as if my words or opinions or conclusions, etc. are omnipotent...and unassailable...because that simply isnt my way. Rather, i prefer to just put it out there for the masses (and i suspect servers will be crashing) and invite or inspire any replies,comments, insults, death threats, what have you... and then proceed to either ignore them or respond, depending on my mood and/or my comprehension of said commentary.

Anyways, thats the intro and the thunder for the day.